SWFL Eagles_ A Simple & Sweet Morning... No New Sticks But Nice Courting Displays 10-14-21

10/14/2021 7:29:02 PM

wskrsnwings - Harriet & M15 spent their early morning strengthening their bond in courtship displays of mating and Harriet showing encouragement and dominance to M15 as she rubbed against him and placed her foot on his body (also known as footing). The footing display by the female is common in bald eagle nests as the female needs to be sure the male will be true to her/'be there', to provide for her and their offspring. No new sticks, grasses or greenery were added to the nest this morning but H & M both visited the nest and rearranged grasses and sticks... also a display of strengthening their bond to one another. Thank you SWFEC, hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for providing & maintaining suitable trees & environment for this Bald Eagle Family. www.SWFLEagleCam.com Thank you to Dick Pritchett Real Estate (SWFEC), Church of the Nazarene, Eagle Landing & several friends for allowing me to film on their premises.