Monday 11/23/2020~SWFL Eagles.. M back with a stick, finishing the Opossum with H in upper branch.??

11/24/2020 9:13:11 PM

JCsEagleCottage - Harriet gracious drops down on to the nest, stays there for a few minutes and goes up to the attic. She preens, shakes and goes up to the upper branch. Then M comes in with a stick, places the stick and starts eating from the Opossum he brought in for Harriet earlier. Then he takes off with the rest of the Opossum and lands in a tree in the pasture. H follows later.. Courtesy of Dick Pritchett Real Estate/Southwest Florida Eagle cam. Watch live: https://www.dickpritchettrealestate.c... Recorded & edited by Anja Edelman